Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pasta Rosa

So here is a quick and easy pasta dish!!
Here is what you are going to need!!

1 Bell Pepper diced
2 Roma tomatoes diced
1 Red Onion diced
1 cup olives sliced
1 cup fresh mushrooms sliced
1 tablespoon of diced garlic
6 ounces of diced chicken cooked
4 cups marinara sauce (can use my recipe from the lasagna post)
1 Saute' pan
2 ounces of olive oil
6 cups of cooked penne pasta

1 Saute onion, pepper, olives, mushrooms, chicken, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil in pan for 5 minutes.
2 Add sauce to mixture and bring to a boil. Turn off heat.
3 Place cooked pasta in a bowl top with sauce .
4 You can choose to top it with Parmesan cheese.
5 Serve with Parmesan pull-aparts(an earlier post)
6 ENJOY!!!



  1. Ry this looks mouth-watering!! I'd take a big ol bowl of it right now! ZYUMM!

  2. Thanks Holly it is so easy and the chicken in the red sauce is so refreashing. So glad you like it.