Sunday, February 27, 2011

Citrus Garlic Fish En Papillote

So I know this is a hard name to pronounce but it is an easy dish to make that will soon become one of your favorites I promise.
Here is what you will need.

4 5-7 ounce portions of your favorite fish.(we used Mahi Mahi,Salmon,Ahi and Tilapia)
1 Carrot peeled and sliced in strips
1 Red bell pepper sliced in strips
1 Red onion sliced
Parchment paper
1 pair of scissors
3 stocks of celery sliced
Real Lime juice
Real Lemon juice
Olive Oil
Minced Garlic
Salt and Pepper
White Wine (optional)
2 cookie sheets

1 Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2 While the oven is heating peel and slice carrots,slice onion,peppers and celery
3 Take four pieces of Parchment paper and fold them and then one by one cut them into heart shaped pieces.
4 Place a small amount of oil on one side of the heart shaped paper. Evenly spread it out.
5 Place celery,carrots,peppers and finally onions on top of oil.
6 Now place a fish fillet on top of the veggie medley.
7 Squirt lemon and lime juice on the fish and spread a small amount of garlic on the juice mixture (can also add white wine with the lemon and lime juice if desired)
8 Fold paper over and crease the heart paper together.
9 Place on cookie sheet and put in oven.
10 Cook for 11 minutes or until fish is flaky.
11 Take out of oven and remove from parchment paper and serve immediately. Can use the veggie medley as a side dish as well.
12 Salt and Pepper to taste and ENJOY!!